Government Run Health Care, Handouts & the Welfare State – Urinalysis Or My Analysis – News

Many of the conversations regarding health care are centered around one thing -does the government (we the people) have any responsibility for taking care of people? What should the responsibility of government be? In my opinion, their responsibility should only be defense of the country against all enemies foreign and domestic, maintenance of the basic infrastructure that all Americans use, and some protection of consumers from products which may cause death or injury. Past that, what should the government do for us? Or as John Kennedy said, should we be instead asking what we should do for our country?

As a veteran and a taxpayer, I know that I am doing/have done my share of defense and monetary support, but should my money be taking care of my neighbors needs, as in health care and retirement? Most conservatives would argue no, the government should not, but those same folks (at least the most vocal part of the group) also supposedly adhere to the Christian Biblical belief that we are our brother’s keeper. Doesn’t that present a contradiction?

As to health care, should the government be involved? It should be an “all in” or “all out” thing. How can you say we should take care of seniors (Medicare, etc) and not the rest of the population? Isn’t that reverse age-ism discrimination? Except that the young are covered through children’s health programs, so that just leaves out the middle of the pack. Are they less deserving than others?

I have said before that services are not just a gift, anyone receiving government ‘handouts’ of any kind should be subjected to random urinalysis testing. I mean, when I did my 14 years in the Army and Reserve Components, I had to occasionally prove myself to be drug free; why should anyone getting welfare, unemployment or other subsidies (section 8 housing, food stamps, etc) not have to do the same? Should they collect their benefits and get to sit around the house stoned? I think not.

So here we are at this crossroads. People are yelling about socialism and the ‘governments take over’ of health care. But with the rising cost of medical attention, shouldn’t the government either get out of the ‘care’ business – social security, Medicare, children’s health – or take care of everyone? No one dares to touch the “third rail” of social security or Medicare, even though it is as much socialized as anything else being proposed.