Billiards, The Sport Anyone Can Play – News


Is it a sport that anyone can play?

As soon as you are tall enough to see over the pool table, you're old enough to play. People can enjoy playing pool into their 70's, 80's and beyond.

The object of the game is pretty simple which makes the games easy for kids to learn. Kids love to play pool. They play with their parents on pool tables at home in their foundations and family rooms. Almost any child is intrigued by the spinning and rolling of the balls. Once they see that they can use a pool stick to hit a ball and cause another ball to go into a pocket, they're hooked! It is great fun teaching kids how to play pool.

People of any age can learn as long as they have patience and good eye-hand coordination. If you do not get frustrated easily, before you know it, you are doing well and having fun. Then when you go to someones house for a get-together and someone says, "let's go play some pool", you can join in on the fun times and laughter to have had around the billiard table.

Its a great past time for families who love to spend time playing together. But watch out, because the kids will get hooked on the competition aspect of the game and then you'll have to teach them about being a good sport!

Watching billiards on television can be quite an educational experience in itself. If you have a table at home and you or your kids like the game, I would recommend setting your DVR or VCR to record billiards matches which will most often be shown on ESPN. These matches usually consist of professional players. Who better to watch and learn from than the best players in the world.