Features of Sports Hall Doors – News

Sports hall are designed to minimize the risk of injuries in sports or leisure facilities in schools, clubs and other indoor sports venues. The best quality installed in the England are constructed according to the Sport England regulations. Moreover, with appropriate safety features integrated in the door leaf, the protect the equipment stored in the hall from burglars.

Sports Hall Door Designs

Doors for can be custom built to suit different requirements and budgets. The single or double outward opening offer an array of high security options in addition to the various sports related safety features. Rebound boards are integrated in the to offer extra protection to people playing a ball game or other sports in the sports hall. The smooth body of the door, free from projections or sharp edges, eliminates risk of injuries. The panic bar, lever handles and other essential door accessories are recessed to create flush-to-the-wall doors. A wide range of color and finish options are available for doors. Apart from the standard powdered coated color finishes, it is always advisable to use a premier corrosion resistant powder coated finish that lasts for several years.

Louvre Panel Doors

The paneled louvre door features a set of slanting slats fitted to a panel. The panels, available in different sizes, can be integrated to different sections of a door. The louvre panels are designed to fit into all types of door designs including the fire exit doors. The paneled louvre doors with appropriate fire rating used as fire exit doors typically have single or double point panic escape bar to support easy egress in the event of a fire. As the louvre panel doors are customizable to suit different ventilation and security requirements, they are a popular choice in a number of modern homes. Moreover, a variety of locking options such as dead lock, sash lock and combat lock is compatible with paneled louvered doors.

High Security Sports Hall Doors

A door installed in a should be strong enough to resist break-ins. Good quality apart from meeting the Sport England door design regulations, should be sturdy and durable. The door leaf is constructed with 1.2 mm thick corrosion resistant steel. The cardboard honeycomb core adds to the strength of the steel door. The door leaf is attached to a doorframe constructed with 1.5mm thick corrosion resistant Zintec coated steel. Complete with stainless steel hinges and dog bolts, the are designed to maintain the safety and security of a sports hall.

There are ample door furniture options for the doors. Several high security elements including magnetic locks, anti-jemmy strip, door closers, door stays and external override can be integrated in the door leaf. It is always advisable to install with a good fire rating. Apart from supporting safe egress in the event of a fire, the fire rated due to their high thermal rating reduces the risk of fire spreading to a, thenby protecting the expensive sports equipment from a devastating fire.

Here, for the highest level of protection, install a custom-built high security door in the sports hall.