How To Increase Muscle With Sport Nutrition – News

How do you know which carbohydrates and fats are best for energy release in triathlons? What are the right foods to build muscle mass? If you have a medical condition, can you still participate in sports?

An accredited dietician or nutritionist will help you to define your needs and plan your diet so that you are able to perform at your best. Many people embarking on a new sport will spend time and money on equipment and gym facilities but will not pay proper attention to their diets. Like an engine, the body requires the proper fuel to function for top performance. Which carbohydrates and fats are best for energy release, especially when doing endurance sport? Which are the best foods to help build muscle mass? Can a diabetic participate in sports and how can they eat appropriately to ensure that they too have the endurance needed to participate while still keeping blood sugar levels stable?

Sports nutrition is so much more than carbohydrates and water intake. Pushing your body to the limit can have serious consequences and if you do not understand nutrition or do not understand what you are eating or why, you can seriously harm your body and possibly threaten your life. I do not exaggerate; nutrition is vital when undertaking a sports program. A case in point is the famous Comrades Marathon in South Africa. Each year people suffer and there are usually a few deaths related to this race. It is considered a major achievement jut to cross the finish line in the twelve hour limit. Most participants were not athletes athletes and it was considered an honor just to finish the race in the twelve hour limit. Watched by the entire country, stragglers would cross the finish line in droves, urged and spurred on by their "comrades". Many of these runners land up in intensive care units with kidney failure or severe dehydration; some even die. Some even died.

I mention this to illustrate the importance of understanding the value of good nutrition. It was never necessary for those people to lose kidneys or die from exhaustion and dehydration. With the right training and the right diet, the race is quite safe as many professional athletes have proved. If you are thinking of getting involved in sports seriously, you need to really understand the food you put into your body. It is the most important aspect and supersedes equipment, clothing or gym fees.