Halibut Fishing: A Unique Alaskan Sport – News

Recreational fishing, also called sport fishing, is relatively a new sport globally, but in Alaska, it is quickly gaining recognition among the adventurous. In recent years, Alaska has earned a reputation for being one of the world’s finest fishing destination for obvious reasons. For one, Alaska is undeniably scenic. That alone should bring a wealth of inspiration to a full-fledged sport angler or a neophyte wanting to sample a new adventure sport. For another, the Gulf of Alaska offers a plethora of wildlife that is guaranteed to exhilarate anyone in the middle of his or her fishing excursions. Most importantly, Alaskan water is probably the most suitable habitat for angler’s favorite game fish – halibuts. The most popular game fish in Alaska used to be salmon and still is in some parts of Alaska, but halibuts are slowly gracing the sport fishing limelight.

Halibut is a large type of fish that is likened to the flounder. Halibut fishing is a big leisure sport in Alaska during the summer. Summer is the perfect time for halibut fishing as it is during this time that halibuts swim in shallow waters near the shore – it means that the target is moving a little closer to the fishing ground of watchful anglers.

Halibuts are voracious feeders. That is why sport fishers or anglers usually bring hoards of bait fish to attract them. Halibuts are not very choosy; they feed on a variety of aquatic food available – octopus, crabs, herring, salmon, cod, pollock, lamprey, salmon, hermit crabs, or anything that fits in their mouths. Halibuts are strong swimmers and they usually reach the shoreline in record time even if they come from the far depths of the ocean. One just needs a bait to ensnare them.

The basic equipment of modern sport fishing includes a metal fishhook at the tip of a nylon line, fiberglass, wood or metal rod, or a stick with some type of reel close to the grip around which the string is coiled. In halibut fishing, however, the fishing rods and reels used are of the bait-casting type and are usually heavier.

Effective angling for halibut is also usually dependent on the type of boat used. The fishing vessels in Alaska, called charter boats, are often privately owned but are rented out to tourists and angling enthusiasts. These charter boats usually offer customers the option to tailor their own fishing trips. The Alaskan lodges offer a range of fishing charter boats with varying sizes; it just really depends on the type of fishing excursion that one wishes to undertake.

In Alaska, anglers have taken sport fishing for halibut to a higher level. Alaskans have organized several annual tournaments for clutching the largest halibut fish and records are kept for the heaviest catch. Since halibut fishing in Alaska means big-game fishing, sport anglers usually troll the open seas in order to catch the halibut that weighs the most pounds – the successful angler wins the trophy fish and of course recognition any sport anglers, local or foreigners alike.

Definition of a Teaser in Terms of Sports Betting – News

In the world of sports betting a teaser allows you to add points on your sides and either add or subtract from the total points. They are very popular bets in Las Vegas sportsbooks and in the online gambling world. You must play between 2 and 10 plays and each betting wager must win. Unfortunately ties lose when betting a teaser in most places. Although you may find some sports betting teaser cards in Las Vegas that specify that ties win. But those propositions are very hard to find in sports betting and online gambling establishments. When your teaser includes a point spread, you can decrease the odds for the favorite or, conversely, increase the odds for the underdog. Many sports betting professionals recommend teasing up underdogs in the NFL. Gamblers believe that the NFL betting lines are very difficult to predict and many times the game lands near or on the sports book betting line. NFL games are usually very close and teasing an underdog is good betting advice. A favorite who is leading the football game is most likely to run out the clock and will no longer desire to score more points. Thus teasing an underdog has tremendous winning value.

Now in college football many bettors believe there is value on the favorite when betting college football teasers. The reason here is there is a significant talent gap between teams and outcomes that can be by wide margin. Also factoring in teasing college football bets are the polls. Many college football teams are playing to increase the popularity of their team in the eyes of the pollsters. The polls are significant because they factor in a teams ability to play for a national championship or earn a huge payday for playing in a BCS Bowl Game. Photo Football bettors pay very close attention to the current BCS standings and will look to play a college football teaser bet on the favorite who is sitting high in the polls. Those college football teams are likely to run up the score against their opponent. Professional college football bettors are fully aware about this and will look to make teaser bets on the favorite.

You can increase or decrease your point spread when it includes the total. Much like a parlay, in order to win the bet, all wagers must win. Betting on the over under line means that the score accrued by both teams must be higher or lower than the betting line established by the sports book operator. Many gamblers who bet on the NFL tend to look to bet on under when defensive teams meet. Teasing the total up 7 points in a game between two solid defenses is sound betting advice. Bad weather games also affect the betting pointspread. The passing game is greatly impacted by wind and professional gamblers and will look to bet teasers to the under in a game under that condition.

Spreads and totals can be teased between 5 and 7 points in football. Many NFL betting experts like to move the betting line to their favor across key numbers in the NFL. Key numbers include, 3,4,7 and 10, as games tend to land mostly within those numbers. These numbers factor because in professional football teams score 3 points for a field goal and usually earn 7 points for a touchdown. A 2 point safety is very rare in the NFL. This is not the case for college football betting. Teams miss more extra points following touchdowns in the college football rankings making key number less significant when betting college football.

4 through 5-point line moves are allowed on total and pointspread teasers in basketball. The key number in the NBA and college basketball is 7 because it would take a team 3 possessions to catch up late in a game. Betting on underdogs getting 7 or more points on a teaser is a sports betting professional's sound advice. An underdog trailing by 7 or more points late in a contest is least likely to foul because the chance of a victory is very slim.

Ideal Business Promotional Products During Sporting Events – News

Among the most attended events in almost all parts of the world are sporting events. Companies take advantage of this kind of activity to be a sponsor and showcase their business capabilities and consequently promote their products or services.

In order for a promotional endeavor to be successful, effective approach and use of marketing materials is imperative. Among the most preferred marketing strategies to a sporting event is the use of promotional items that complement the occasion.

One must however consider the nature of the sporting activity in choosing the promotional products to use. It is not suitable for example to use mugs or pens as promotional items to a sports event.

Below is the list of effective promotional products used in various sports:


During outdoor games, players always wear caps whenever they are out in the field. Caps are great promotional items for any kind of outdoor game. Caps help protect the players from the bright sun and through this, you can make them feel that you or your business cares for them.

Sports Bag

Sports bags are among the most important things that almost every athlete brings along with them. The type they usually prefer are those spacious enough to keep their things like towels, extra clothes, bottled water, shoes and other stuff that they will need.


T-shirt is among the most frequently used promotional products for every gaming event. It is perfect for different kinds of sports and can appealingly turn your company's logo and name in it. The players can even use the shirts during pre-game practices and that is additional exposure for your business.

Sports Bottles

Another necessity to players is the sports bottle. Players in different field of sports use this. In any kind of sports, liquid container is considered very useful. While playing or during breaks, the players will use it and being able to provide good quality liquid bottles is equated to a show of concern towards the players.

Sports events particularly those that are nationally covered by media or most especially those that are internationally televised are the perfect avenue to effectively promote any business. It is for this reason that many companies take advantage of such occasions by being a sponsor. Since sporting events as always being attended and watched by a lot of sports fans, companies can easily promote their business to a larger market.

Sports in Thailand – Birthplace of Udomporn Polsak! – News

Road to London 2012!

Anat Ratanapol

Did you know- At the 1974 Asian Games in Tehran (Iran), the country's idol Anat Ratanapol won two Asian gold medals (100m & 200m). At the previous Games in 1970 in Bangkok, Thailand, he had won two medals (gold and silver).

Australia 2000

Did you know- Thailand's weightlifter Khassaraporn Suta won the bronze medal in the women's 58-kilogram category at the 2000 Summer Games in the Australian city of Sydney.


Did you know- The Kingdom of Thailand – known as Siam until 1939- is home to many famous boxers in Asia. Payao Pooltarat won the bronze medal, together with Orlando Maldonado (Puerto Rico), in the 48kg category in the Olympic Boxing Tournament in the Canadian city of Montreal in July 1976. Twenty years later, by 1996, the nation's boxer Somluck Kamsing earned a gold medal in the Olympics in the United States. Later on, by 2000, Wijan Ponlid became Olympic champ in the Games of the 27th Olympiad in Oceania, at the expense of Bulat Jumadilov (Kazakhstan), Jerome Thomas (France), and Vladimir Sidorenko (Ukraine). Meanwhile, Porchnchai Thongburan won the bronze medal. In 2004, Manus Boonjumnong made national history when he earned a gold medal in the Olympic Boxing Tournament in Athens, Greece. At the Asian Games in Doha (Qatar) in 2006, Boonjumnong won the continental title.

National Idol

Did you know- Weightlifter Udomporn Polsak became the first Thai woman to win an individual Olympic gold when she earned the Olympic title in the featherweight 53 kg class in 2004. Because of her example, dedication and contribution to the sports history of the Kingdom of Thailand , she is an idol in Bangkok, the nation's capital.

Spain 1992

Did you know- Thailand's Olympic Committee had sent a team of thirty athletes to the Summer Olympics in the Spanish city of Barcelona in 1992. They competed in aquatics, athletics, badminton, boxing, judo, sailing, shooting, tennis, and weightlifting. In the previous Olympics in 1988, the Asian nation sent 20 athletes to South Korea.


Did you know- The country's most popular sports are basketball, boxing (including "Thai boxing"), soccer, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball, and weightlifting.


Did you know- In March 1981, Bangkok hosted the XXII Under-20 Asian Tournament. This event was won by South Korea, followed by Qatar (runner-up), Japan (third), Thailand (fourth), and Bangladesh (fifth).

World Record

Did you know- The nation's weightlifter Pawina Thongsuk broke the world record in the 63kg competition at the 2005 World Championships in Doha, the capital city of Qatar. A year ago, she had won a gold medal at the 28th Olympiad in Greece.

How To Increase Muscle With Sport Nutrition – News

How do you know which carbohydrates and fats are best for energy release in triathlons? What are the right foods to build muscle mass? If you have a medical condition, can you still participate in sports?

An accredited dietician or nutritionist will help you to define your needs and plan your diet so that you are able to perform at your best. Many people embarking on a new sport will spend time and money on equipment and gym facilities but will not pay proper attention to their diets. Like an engine, the body requires the proper fuel to function for top performance. Which carbohydrates and fats are best for energy release, especially when doing endurance sport? Which are the best foods to help build muscle mass? Can a diabetic participate in sports and how can they eat appropriately to ensure that they too have the endurance needed to participate while still keeping blood sugar levels stable?

Sports nutrition is so much more than carbohydrates and water intake. Pushing your body to the limit can have serious consequences and if you do not understand nutrition or do not understand what you are eating or why, you can seriously harm your body and possibly threaten your life. I do not exaggerate; nutrition is vital when undertaking a sports program. A case in point is the famous Comrades Marathon in South Africa. Each year people suffer and there are usually a few deaths related to this race. It is considered a major achievement jut to cross the finish line in the twelve hour limit. Most participants were not athletes athletes and it was considered an honor just to finish the race in the twelve hour limit. Watched by the entire country, stragglers would cross the finish line in droves, urged and spurred on by their "comrades". Many of these runners land up in intensive care units with kidney failure or severe dehydration; some even die. Some even died.

I mention this to illustrate the importance of understanding the value of good nutrition. It was never necessary for those people to lose kidneys or die from exhaustion and dehydration. With the right training and the right diet, the race is quite safe as many professional athletes have proved. If you are thinking of getting involved in sports seriously, you need to really understand the food you put into your body. It is the most important aspect and supersedes equipment, clothing or gym fees.

Notable Pioneers of The Sport Of Skateboarding – News

If you've been a skater at one time in your life or have in interest in the sport then you've probably heard of the names Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen. These men were the driving force behind what skateboarding is today.

Tony Hawk: Now most people probably heard of the name Tony Hawk. His name is synonymous for fun, action oriented extreme sports. What led to his popularity is the introduction of his popular video game series Tony Hawk Pro Skater. The series started on play station video game console and migrated to others. But Tony Hawk influenced the skateboarding community in different ways. He popularized and advocated organized skateboarding events such as the Xgames where he also participated. His not achieves achievements at these events include "the 900," a move in which he does a grab trick by spinning his whole body 900 degrees. This notable achievement has not been done or recorded by anyone else in the history of the sport. Other extreme sports enthusiasts have tried doing the 900 but it's much simpler to do on fixed gear equipment such as bikes. Tony Hawk completed the 900 three more times upon which he said, "I'm 42 and I did the 900." This was a trick he wanted to complete 10 years ago and he finally achieved his goal. His actions are legendary in the history of the sport and he'll always be remembered as a pioneer in the field of extreme sports.

Rodney Mullen: If you've ever seen someone do a kickflip (a trick involving spinning the board vertically) then you'll have Rodney Mullen to thank for that ingenious move. He has created many other different spin moves and has worked further to create more flat ground skateboarding tricks that included the impossible (A flatground trick that involves spinning the board around your leg as you would a flag). He also perfected many other spin moves and his ability to maintain balance on the board made him an entertaining skateboarder to watch. He also introduced and popularized flat ground free styling as a skateboarding style that other skaters later decided to emulate. His achievement include beating. He has been in 18 full length skateboarding movies, mainly in montages of himself set to music. He is also featured in Tony Hawk Pro Skater series as a player that gamers can choose to play with.

Alan Galfend: Alan Galfend came into skateboarding in the 70s. He invented and popularized the "ollie," a flat ground trick in which you jump with the skateboard and pull it with you towards your body. This trick later was used in flat ground, free style as well as vert applications. The trick set a whole new spin on skateboarding as the sport did not have many trick variation until the ollie was created. Generated from the ollie trick, many other tricks were possible including move grab tricks, spins and grind / slides. Alan Galfend left skateboarding to pursue other interests including go cart racing and Volkswagen racing. He later went on to open a service shop and a skateboarding shop which are both well-appointed in their respective industries.

How to Choose the Best Sports Bra for Your Cup Size – News

Women who engage in any type of fitness activity should wear a sports bra. In fact, even if you are doing some serious gardening, raking leaves, or washing the car, you will likely feel more comfortable if you wear this type of fitness bra. Yet with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to choose a fitness bra style that provides the comfort level and support you need. The following tips can help you choose a bra that is ideal for your cup size and active lifestyle.

Sports Bra Overview

Wear a fitness bra is important no matter what your cup size. Sports bras prevent uncomfortable and even painful bouncing when women engage in fitness activities. "Not wearing a supportive and properly fitting bra during exercise can lead to permanent breast damage, whether you've experienced pain or not, and even if your breasts are very small." The best bras for sport are designed to keep your bras in place as you move so they are not bouncing in different directions, causing you pain and possibly leading to breast damage.

Sports Bras for AB Cup Sizes

If you wear an A or B cup, consider a halter-style fitness bra. This style may look too sexy to function athletically, but do not let it's sex appeal fool you. This "bra is surprisingly supportive for smaller sizes" (Source: Women's Health, The Best Sports Bra for Your Body) in spite of all the skin it allows to show. Bras designed with comfortable jersey in razorback or seamless cut styles are also great for small bust sizes. Because they're stretchy and available in so many colors, these jersey bras for sport tend to be extremely popular.

Sports Bras for BC Cup Sizes

A compression bra is a popular style for women who wear a B or C cup. These bras function in a couple important ways. First, they provide contour without flattening your breasts. Secondly, they provide your breasts with the optimum level of support needed to perform any sportive activity. These bras are great because they conform to your shape while still providing that all-important support. Many women with B or C cups are also opting for bras that are designed with lightweight material that does not trap sweat.

Sports Bras for D-DD Cup Sizes

If you're a large-busted woman, you should look for a bra with a crossed back. These bras are great because they appear like an ordinary bra in the front, but their crossed straps in the back provide the support that large-busted women need. Sports bras with venting material are also ideal for women with large bust sizes. They provide an extreme level of support, but their material is lightweight and vents, so you will not feel so hot even while you are bound up in the bra.

Consider these bras the next time you shop for a new bra. You'll love the support and feel of these bras, but more importantly, you'll protect your breasts during your fitness sessions and provide them with the support they need to look and feel their best.


Women's Health, "The Best Sports Bra for Your Body," http://www.womenshealthmag.com/health/best-sports-bras-ab

All You Need To Know About FPV Racing – News

Drones are the new high in the world of technology and development. They have just opened the wider angle of looking at things. Further strengthening their demand in the market, the idea of ​​FPV racing came up. It is not just a game, but a sort of sport that has been setting its feet in the western culture over the years. It is a sport wherein high-tech drones and high speed racing are both combined. Usually done in closed spaces, it is rather fun and thrilling experience to watch an FPV racing.

How to start

The basic FPV racers need to know how to fly a quadcopter since this allows them to practice a lot of flight maneuvers before they move on to the FPV racing. Therefore, start with a basic copter and you will crash a number of times before finally becoming a pro at it.

Take classes

There are classes held for training for FPV racing, wherein you are taught what to focus at and what not to. There are classes classes for the beginners and open classes, where the taught racers are allowed to use any quadcopter for the race and it is more of an open competition.

Make a team

FPV racing also has teams, just like the F1 races. The team basically handles the equipment. For example, the team Blackout is the person who uses the Blackout for the pilot (or racer).

Safety First

There are chances of people getting hurt when you are practicing or even in a competition. Therefore, it is better to take precedences. When you are a beginner, start with a micro quad rather than a mega machine racer. It is important to check that the video channel is not being used before you start using it. Also, just like real life flying and racing, never fly when you are drunk or intoxicated.

Types of races

• Rotor-cross race

In such races, two or more multi-copters are made to race through an arena and the one who crosses the finish line first wins.

• Drag Race

It is just a test of acceleration and top speed, wherein the multi-copters are made to race in short distance of 100 meters and the one who accelerates best wins.

• Time Trial

It is a speed test for the multi-copters wherein the theme of finishing the race is recorded. It is much like rotor-cross racing.

It is a fun sport as long as one takes all the measures to ensure safety of another person as well as their own.

The Jaguar C-Type Sports Car – News

The Jaguar C-Type – Performance, Technical Data, Features, Comparisons, History – a detailed review

from Classic to Modern

In 1950, three XK120 Jaguar sports cars were entered in the Le Mans 24 hour race, when one retired, and the other two came in twelve and fifteen position.

Following this result, it became obvious that the car would never be sufficient competitive against pure sports racing cars.

Accordingly, work began to further develop the XK120 chassis and engine to produce a competition model with which to return to Le Mans the following year.

The new lightweight variant was to be designated the XK120C sports car, where "C" referred to competition.

What was needed was a body more aerodynamically efficient than that of the XK120, but still still retained an external similarity.

In order to reduce weight, the heavy "120" chassis was to be replaced by a tubular space frame unit, with sub frames to support the engine and suspension. The center section, containing the two seats, was extensively braced.

The original front suspension was retained, but the rear suspension was considered modified, with the semi elliptical springs being replaced by a torsion bar assembly. The existing re-circulating ball steering was replaced by rack and pinion.

Both these changes represent a first for Jaguar cars at that time.

The C-Types mechanical components came exclusively from the "120". All non essential items, such as carpets, hoods, and external door handles, were removed in order to reduce weight.

In the end, the weight of the C-Type was reduced by 1,000 pounds compared with that of the "120". From 1952, disc brakes were added all round.

The C-Types aluminum body was constructed in the barchetta style (a style of open 2 seater sports car, built for racing, in which weight and wind resistance were minimized to maximize performance).

One downside of this body styling was that that it created a huge tail lift, which caused the car to snake at high speeds.

The XK120C was to be powered by a standard 3.4 liter, 6-cylinder XK engine, with a compression ratio of 9.0: 1, and linked to a four speed Moss gearbox, with the wet sump lubrication system and two SU carburettors being retained.

However, modifications were made to the inlet port and exhaust system, while high lift camshafts and a lighter flywheel were fitted.

The result was that output was increased from 180 bhp at 5300 rpm on the XK120, to 210 bhp at 5800 rpm with the XK120C.

Wooden mock-ups were wind tunnel tested to produce a car with sleek, flowing lines that was now referred to as the C-Type Jaguar sports car.

Of the early XK120's, 240 were built with aluminum bodies, and the use of aluminum panels would continue in the C-Type's construction.

The sculptured bonnet was an integral part of the aerodynamic body styling, and the early side louvres were extremely removed so that none remained

The first C-Type sports car, with chassis number XKC001, was tested at Silverstone, and the three car works team was then entered in the 1951 Le Mans race.

The unknown 3.4 liter C-Type was on the grid with 4.5 liter Talbots, Ferraris, Aston Martins, and a 5.4 liter Cunningham.

In the end, two of the three C-Types had to retire, but Jaguar XKC003 drve on to victory, and covered the 2,244 miles at an average speed of 93.5 mph.

Prior to this win, Jaguar cars was a reliably unknown entity, but afterwards, the name was known worldwide.

Building on this success, the same three works C-Types were entered in the Tourist Trophy race in Ireland, and finished first, second, and fourth and took the team prize.

Jaguar went on to win the 1953 Le Mans with the C-Type.

After their Le Mans victory, Jaguar planned to sell the 53 C-Types produced between 1951 and 1953, and built to resemble the works cars, as a production race car. Each was offered at £ 1,500 plus tax.

In fact, one of the conditions for entry at Le Mans was that at least 50 units of the car to be entered were required to have been manufactured prior to the race.

When the C-Type won the 1953 Le Mans, the body used thinner and therefore lighter aluminum panels, and instead of the original two H8 SU carburettors, three twin choke Webber DC03 carburettors were used and, with high lift camshafts, caused output to be increased to 220 bhp.

The last time the car was entered at Le Mans was in 1954, when it came in fourth.

The original cost of a C-Type Jaguar sports car was around $ 6,000, nearly double that of the XK120.

Jaguar for Sale

In terms of the second hand market, an original example in good condition would command around £ 400,000, while a replica would fetch from £ 40,000.

On the other hand, the 1953 Le Mans winner would be worth around £ 2 million. In fact, in 2007, an example in showroom condition that had been raced by Phil Hill sold at auction in the US for $ 2.53 million.

In the line-up of Jaguar cars, the C-Type describes the accolade of a true classic car.

This marks the end of my Review of the Jaguar C-Type sports car.

Becoming A Sports Investor – News

To began, it is extremely cruel to approach sport investing with realistic expectations and goals. A sports Investor simply needs to register a winning accuracy rate of 52. 4% to be successful and stay profitable. While the majority often does not succeed in hiring the 52% threshold, it is a task that can be done if you're dedicated and disciplined. To be more precise, if your intention is to become an effective sports investor, you will simply have to follow basic rules which combine proper money management and being able to pick winners.

If you're only interested in sports investing as a way to get rich quick then I would suggest you to look elsewhere because that will most likely not happen for you. To be frank with you, there's no short cut in this industry and all the professionals will tell you sports investing is more like running a marathon than a sprint. Patience and long termed planning is necessary to come out on top. The idea is to win just enough bets to slowly build up your account on a month to month basis. As long as you're in profit at the end of each month or week, nothing else should really matter.

By looking hard enough on the internet, you will come across more than a few handicappers who have great winning percentage when it comes to betting on sports, but their downfall is their inability to control the amount of money they are placing on each bet. This is where money management is so essential if you wish to always stay profitable and not lose money. No matter how good the odds looks, you must stay discipline enough to bet the same amount of money on every games and this amount should be no less or no more than 2% of your total bankroll. That sure means that if you have $ 1000 on your betting account, the amount of money you should place on each bet is $ 20.

The hardest part in becoming a successful sports investor is to understand how to correctly pick winners consistently. For this, you will need to do your homework and properly handicap each games that fits into your betting strategy.

When it comes to handicapping or analyzing games to bet on, there are more than a few ways to go about it effectively. I may go more into details about specific handicapping strategies but that may be for the next article since this is getting a bit too long. But the bottom line concerning handicapping games is that you need to stay informed about the specific games you believe offers you the best chance for success.